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Activity log

Learning goals:

  • How to track customers’s activities in the loyalty program
  • How to keep track of changes in customers’ point balances

Learning Material

Introduction to Activity log

The key to understanding and provide customer loyalty support is to monitor and observe previous actions. Individual customer profiles, accessible through the Customer Insights menu, contain 5 tabs in the side panels which provide insight into the customer’s actions.

Events history

An Antavo event is a microdocument which records an action performed in the Antavo Loyalty Management Platform in conjunction with a specific customer e.g, purchase, level promotion.

The Events history tab lists all the events that have been registered in Antavo’s database with the current customer’s ID. This is a customer’s personal events stream. 

The Customer’s event stream uses a standard Antavo Backoffice list interface. Each rows consists of a separate customer event and lists:

  • The type of event 
  • Points, earnt or spent (negative points)
  • the event’s date 
  • the event properties. These track with the customer action e.g., the URL shared, the ID and category of the products purchased)

To see the full list of properties attached to an event click the ‘Details’ button. The list can be sorted by columns and the event date is the default sorting. Dropdown selector on the top of the list to display more events on one page and the arrows to navigate between the pages. Events can be filtered by type.

New events relating to the current customer can be created in the top right corner using the ‘Add action’ button. An manually added event, created using the Backoffice, has the name of the creating user registered in the ‘Admin’ field and the value of ‘Platform’ in the Source field onto the event added. This is expanded in the ‘Manual modifications’ chapter.

Points history

The Points history list contains only the events that have directly affected the customer’s actual point balance. Events that reserve points or add pending points to the customer are not present on this list, only events that permanently modify the customer’s number of earned points, spent points and spendable points.

The ‘Manage points’ option enables the manual addition or deduction points from the customer”s point balance. You can find detailed instructions in the ‘Manual modifications’ chapter.


The Coupons tab lists coupons added to the customer by:

Each row represents a coupon. There is 

  • the date when the coupon was added 
  •  the code received
  •  the type, the value and the expiration date of the coupon 
    • all added in the Backoffice when creating the coupon 
    • informative purposes only
  • if the coupon has been used. 
  • A ‘Redeem’ button to mark the coupon as used.

Coupon validation and redemption is always handled by your system and Antavo can only display if a coupon has been redeemed if the coupon redemption information is included within the transactional data coming from your systems.


This page is constructed from transaction data submitted to the Loyalty Management Platform on an individual customer basis. The list currently includes:

  •  the transaction id
  • transaction date
  • points awarded for each transaction
  • status info.

The status of the transaction can be rejected or pending if there is a pending period of transactional points within the loyalty program mechanism. In all other circumstances, all transactions will be indicated as accepted.


The Antavo’s Wallet module enables mobile passes to be assignable to your loyalty members.

If this module is enabled, this pages list the passes that have been added to the customer’s profile
The pass information contained in this page includes

  • the ID of the pass
  • the date of the creation
  • and last update of the pass
  • the reward that is assigned to the pass (if any) and 
  • the type of the pass. 

Passes can be resent via email using the ‘Email’ button and pass can be updated with a trigger using the ‘Push’ button.

Antavo does not have a direct impact upon when passes are updated; we can only inform the responsible pass provider (Apple or Google) that the pass should be updated.

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