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Learning goals

  • Understand the basic philosophies of Antavo’s Loyalty Management Platform (LMP) 
    • Main interfaces of the platform
    • Platform navigation
    • The base operation of an Antavo loyalty program

Learning material

What is the Loyalty Management Platform?

Antavo’s Loyalty Management Platform (LMP) is the interface that has been crafted to enable loyalty scheme configuration; instigation of loyalty tier systems, campaigns, rewards and promotions; and loyalty reports. 

Antavo LMP is events based

Antavo events are micro documents that represent customers’ actions. They contain metadata details on the location, method and time of the interactions. Every customer-related action recorded as an event. Events are not solely limited to customer direct interactions as events can be defined, created and used by modules and custom rules e.g., a customer claims a reward, earns points; their tier gets upgraded results in an event written to the customer. Events must be attributed to a customer; anonymous customer profiles are also possible. Events are channel independant and work online, mobile or in-store.

The key feature of events is that they are Write once read many (WORM) objects. They cannot be removed, altered or reassigned to different customers and are permanently stored, until a customer opts out of the loyalty scheme. Events are also handled transparently, so that anyone with access to the event stream can access all data. Individual customer’s Event history can be accessed from their associated customer profile. Events should only be used for non-sensitive information.

Antavo LMP is modular

Modules are additional low dependency stand-alone components which add a single additional loyalty-related feature to the Antavo Loyalty Management Platform. They have been designed to simple and straightforward additions which have a minimal configuration and installation process.
Breaking down Antavo LMP into a module system enables the rapid development and deployment of an initial lean program. Extra features, provided by modules, can be easily activated at any stage during the loyalty program’s lifecycle and provides a stepwise site enhancement to the loyalty program and also enables a dynamic response to business needs. 

Antavo’s customers 

Antavo LMP interacts with consenting members of the loyalty program. Clients can use the ‘profile’ event to update customer attributes and also track each member’s activities by searching their profile on the Antavo Backoffice.

Introduction to main interfaces of the Antavo Backoffice

Login screen


The Reporting Dashboard is the homepage of the Antavo Backoffice. It provides an overview of all loyalty program data as it has a quick graphical interface to the live loyalty data stream. It is 100% customizable and personalized to loyalty-related business goals/objectives. Custom reports, graphs and key performance indicators (KPIs) can be created, using the built-in editor, and organised as desired. Viewed data can also be exported directly from these interfaces. 

Customer Insights

This provided access at the individual customer level to loyalty data. You can track individual active members’ activities in the program in real-time. This tool provides the option for manual intervention.

The main page lists all active customers within the program. This can be filtered by name/email address and Individual customer profiles can be viewed.

These profiles contain all customer information, data and history. The initial customer homepage is a customizable homepage containing key data with corresponding editing links e.g., profile information, recent events, purchases, coupons, etc.

The majority of the loyalty program features are controlled by rules and subsequent boundary conditions. However, these parameters can be manually overridden from the individual profile. The override section (1. in screenshot) contains shortcuts to manually merge, claim a reward, levelling up, opting out, changing currency and reset a profile to a default

The side panel (2. In screen short breaks down the components of the customer active profile :

  • Personal information – An editable profile of the customer
  • Customers’ event steam history – This is a read only list, (due to the WORM nature of events) but is fully filterable/searchable. New events can also be added.
  • Points History – A search list of points history and points can also be added, subtracted or spent in this interface
  • Coupons
  • Passes – Lists all generated passes and reminders to use to use pases can be sent via Email on mobile apps
  • Transactions history – A searchable list of Antavo-recorded transactions history (checkout and checkout items)

The Customer profile with the Manual override (1.) and sidebar (2.) highlighted 

The Customer events history

Rules management

Rules are an automated loyalty process which can be triggered by a calendar or an Antavo event. Antavo Backoffice distinguishes two types of rules:

  • Campaign – These are temporary rules which can be run as part of a larger scale promotion
  • General rule – These are long-term basic loyalty mechanisms

The editor can be used to set up new mechanisms, independently from modules. The two different categories are accessible from the dedicated sidebar link.

Managing modules

Backoffice Managing Module page, accessible from the sidebar, is configuration center for all available loyalty modules and integrations. All module configuration pages can be accessed from this page. The Module page collects and sorts modules into user-friendly categories and it is possible to search amongst the list. The most important modules have links in the main sidebar and are also accessible via the Modules sidebar.

The Managing modules page also lists inactive modules in a separate category. These can be activated by clicking on the request a demo button in conjunction with consulting the Account Manager.

The Manage modules page


Essential platform and program settings can be configured on the corresponding Settings sidebar interface. Configurable options include branding information, API credentials, loyalty-related email sent directly by Antavo, translation interface for the multi language module, customer data fields, role-based platform access management.


The monogrammed icon (highlighted in the screenshot) is the shortcut to editing your profile. Here, you can change your name, email address, timezone, phone number and password via the ‘Change password’ tab.

Loyalty mechanisms are time dependent. The Antavo LMP runs on Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) time. Adjusting the timezone in your userprofile only affects your locally displayed time.

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