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Manual modifications

Learning goals

  • Make manual modifications in the customer profile

Learning Material

Customer Overview

On the Customer Overview page, there is a manual interventions section consisting of a dynamic number of buttons in the top right-hand corner of the page. This section may contain:

Opt-out button

This is a permanent button which manually unregisters a member from the loyalty program. 

Opting-out a customer results in the removal of all the identifiable customer data from the database. If the customer rejoins the program in the future, they will start their journey with no history and points. All their data (number of points collected, gained tier, history of events) has been anonymized and can not be reassigned.

Merge button

This button enables you to combine two loyalty membership profiles owned by the same customer into one single profile.

Clicking the Merge button will result in a dialog where the additional ID of the profile for the merge process must be entered. A new interface appears where you can double check that the merge process will be carried out and you can also see which profile will be kept active after the merge procedure, initiated by clicking the Merge button.
The whole event history of the merged profile is added to the remaining active customer ID. 

The new stream should be checked to ensure that there are no duplicate points that arise from identical actions in your loyalty program. Points removal is discussed in the Manage points section of this chapter.

Claim a reward

This button is only visible if the Rewards module is enabled in your loyalty program. A reward can be claimed in the name of the customer by clicking the button and then selecting the reward to be claimed. The action can be forced by using the ‘Force claim’ option, even if the customer does not meet the requirement of claiming the reward on the membership site e.g., segment restriction, reward end and start date , frequency of claim etc.

The ‘Claim a reward’ button deducts the point price of the reward from the customer’s spendable points and adds it to the number of spent points. If the customer doesn’t have enough points to be able to claim the reward, then “force claiming” the reward will result in the customer’s spendable points will drop to 0 points. The point balance can never be negative.

‘Level up’ and ‘Hidden level up’ buttons

These buttons required the corresponding Levels and Hidden levels modules to be enabled. Customers can only be upgraded to a higher level. Downgrading to lower levels is not possible here.

‘Currency change’

This button is for handling multiple currencies with the Multicurrency module. This modifies the customer’s currency saved in the customer object. The displayed price of the rewards will change to the prices of the new currency if the Rewards module is used in accordance with the Multicurrency module so that there are different point prices per currency to reward.

If there is an integration setup with a marketing automation provider, an immediate synchronization of customer data from Antavo with the marketing automation can be triggered using the Resync button. This button is only for troubleshooting as integrations normally operate with live synchronization.

Update personal information

The Personal information tab on the customer profile can be used to update the customer data that Antavo stores in the customer object. Make the necessary changes and click the Update button at the bottom of the page to save them. 

Adding new events

The ‘Events’ tab of the customer profile, can be used to manually add new events to the customers’ event streams, using the ‘Add action’ button on the top right corner. 

The new window will have a dropdown menu from which the name of the event can be added and then fill in the event properties, the metadata that specifies the registered event. All the required properties (labelled with *) must be completed or the event cannot be registered.

An expiration date to the event can be set if you’d like to remove the points (if any) awarded for the event automatically on a specified date if they have not been spent before this date. This date will be overwritten if an expiration rule is set up for the event in the Rule management feature. 

After saving the event, it will be registered right away and added to the Events history. As mentioned in the ‘Activity log’ chapter, you can identify manually added events in the events history by the ‘Admin’ and ‘Source’ properties in the list.

Manage points

Under the ‘Points history’ tab, you can deduct points and add points to the customer’s point balance, by clicking the ‘Manage points’ button.

There are 3 options to modify the customer’s point balance:

  • Add points
    The ‘Add points’ option will increase the customer’s number of collected points (otherwise known as score) and the number of spendable points that are currently available to be spent on loyalty benefits.
    This option will result in an ‘Point add’ event registered to the database as a manually added event.
    Eg. you manually give complimentary gift points to a customer 
  • Sub points
    The ‘Sub points’ option will decrease the number of collected points (or score), like if the points have never been collected by the customer. Consequently, this will decrease the number of spendable points as well.
    It will register a ‘Point sub’ event in the event stream.
    Eg. the customer was able to cheat with collecting points somehow so that you take them away manually
    If you have a point-based tier system in your loyalty program and you enabled the ‘Allow downgrade’ option, your customer might get downgraded to a lower tier as a result of using the ‘Sub points’, if the updated score doesn’t reach the threshold of the customer’s current tier.
  • Spend points
    Like the ‘Sub points’ option this option is also responsible for decreasing the number of spendable points. However it won’t decrease the number of earned points, but instead increase the number of spent points. This mechanism is supposed to mimic the situation when the customer spends points that they have collected in the loyalty program.
    The manual ‘Spend points’ option registers a ‘Point spend’ event in the event stream.
    Eg. when a customer is unable to claim a reward on the membership site for some reason and you manually spend the points in the name of the customer and send them the reward

After selecting a point management option, you need to add the point value to be modified. You can optionally attach a reason why the point modification was necessary. The reason won’t appear on the customer-facing interface of the loyalty program, it only serves informative purposes in the back office. 

In case of the ‘Add points’ option you can also set an expiration date for the allotted points.

The interface provides you with a preview of the effect of the point modification on the point balances of the customer, to help you see what changes will be made by your current point modification settings.

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