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Content consumption and quizzes

Learning goals

  • Learn to reward page visits and video watches
  • Test what your customers learnt from consuming your content

Learning material


The Antavo’s Content Consumption module can be used to reward customers with points for visiting web pages or watching videos. The interface to manage the rewarding of content consumption can be found by navigating to the Modules page and searching for the module’s name in the search bar.

Adding a new content

New Content can be added to the list of the title of content that is already rewarded in your loyalty program by clicking the ‘Create’ button on the module configuration interface.

The one-page setup interface starts with the  selection between the two consumption types: page visit or video view. The title that will serve as the listing name and the URL where the content is accessible can also be entered.

The point value of a visit or watch action is not defined in advance, but can be defined on a site by site bassis . This gives you the opportunity to distinguish based on the relevancy of a content. The points are rewarded after the customer has scrolled down at least half of the page or watched half of the video.

An one-question quiz can also be added to the content. There can be an unlimited number of answers but  only 1 correct answer. If the quiz is activated, customers will only earn the points upon a correct answer.

Content consumption on the membership site

Each content added in the module configuration page populates a card on the membership site with a CTA that directs customers to the page to visit or opens the video in a popup window. With the headless approach, you can call Antavo’s Display API for the list of earned cards, however the quiz and the video popup can only be customized by Antavo as they are opened by the JavaScript SDK. Please consult your Client Success Manager to learn more about these frontend options.

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