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Antavo fully supports its clients throughout onboarding and implementation. This educational materials system is fully customized to various roles and explains every interface
found in the platform.

Antavo Learn is a 21st-century level instructional tool. Clients and partners are enrolled manually in our learning management system by the Antavo LMS manager. This helps us to ensure that each and every person receives a personalized learning experience that is tailored to their company’s needs.

The learning materials provided can be utilized at each user’s own pace, and they are complemented by live Q&A sessions with our professional trainers. Our 2021 learning materials are available in easy-to-digest, bite-sized pieces followed by fun assignments or quizzes.

We believe in the blended learning approach, and
our materials prove it.

We’re providing

Client instruction and training
provide a high-level

overview of the platform and
understanding of how to use
after launch

Partner instruction about
platform fundamentals,

coupled with training to
provide a
full grasp of the SDKs
and APIs

Guiding materials for agencies
about the concept

of next-gen loyalty programs
help sell Antavo alongside
own services

Take a look inside:

Learn how to build a successful loyalty program
with a best-in-class learning experience from Antavo